Year 2022-2023
Technology Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, Hilt, Coroutines, Mockk
Categories Development

Jam Android App

Jam is a groundbreaking Android app that redefines the way we watch and engage with content remotely. With Jam, you can recreate the immersive experience of sharing laughter, emotions, and discussions with friends and loved ones, as if you were all in the same living room, even when physically apart.

Jam allows you and your friends to watch movies, comedy shows, shorts and videos on YouTube together, regardless of your locations. Whether it's a classic film, the latest episode of a popular series, or captivating online videos, Jam enables both synchronized and asynchronized playback, ensuring that everyone in your group can watch the content simultaneously or add their take on it whenver they're available.

The app goes beyond just watching together. With Jam, you and your friends can react and interact with the content in real-time through live video-call. Express your thoughts, laughter, and emotions by sharing reactions to your favorite clips. Engage in lively discussions, exchange opinions, and explore new videos together. The chat feature enables seamless communication, facilitating conversations about the content you're enjoying, enhancing the shared experience.

Jam also allows you to get creative with the content. Create remixes and add your personal touch to videos, bringing a unique perspective and contributing to the collective viewing experience. With Jam, you can collaborate with friends, share your creations, and witness the collective creativity of your group.

One of the remarkable features of Jam is its ability to provide insights into what your friends are watching. Discover new videos and content based on the interests and preferences of your friends, opening doors to exciting and engaging discoveries. Jam creates a sense of connectedness, keeping you in the loop with the viewing habits and recommendations of your trusted circle.


As an Android Developer, I played a pivotal role in the development of the Jam app, bringing my expertise and skills to build a remarkable user experience. Here are the key aspects you worked on and built within the Jam app:

  • Synchronized Playback: I implemented the core functionality that enables synchronized playback, allowing users to watch movies, comedy shows, and videos together, regardless of their locations. This involved ensuring seamless synchronization of content across multiple devices and optimizing the playback experience.
  • Real-time Reactions and Chat: I integrated the feature that enables users to react and interact with the content in real-time. Users can share their emotions, laughter, and thoughts through reactions and engage in chat conversations with their friends. This functionality enhances the shared viewing experience and fosters lively discussions.
  • Content Remixing: I facilitated content remixing, allowing users to add their personal take and creativity to videos. This involved implementing the necessary tools and features to enable users to remix and modify the content, fostering collaborative and interactive experiences within the app.
  • Delightful UI: I built a fairly complex UI element in Jetpack Compose called the "Scrubber". This interactive and visually appealing component provided users with a neat and intuitive way to seek through the video. Additionally, the Scrubber acted as a platform to display emoji reactions or video highlights made by their friends which added a significant level of interactivity and engagement to the app.
  • Performance Optimization: I focused on optimizing the app's performance, ensuring smooth navigation, fast loading times, and efficient memory management. This involved employing best practices, optimizing code, and conducting rigorous testing to deliver an exceptional user experience.
  • Testing: I designed and implemented data and domain layer unit test cases to cover critical app functionalities, including user authentication, live streaming, attendance marking, badge earning system, private Letters, and other key features.